A book that surveys the harrowing journey experienced by a Christian married couple, offering insight into the providence of God and the sufficiency of His grace.
Welcome to the FAME website and ministry of Trinity Southern Baptist Church. The homeschool group of Trinitys FAME ministry is the culmination of much prayer, energy, and enthusiasm by many people, as well as by the Trinity church family. The goals of this ministry are to bless homeschool children and their families, to edify the students with quality instruction that augments what their parents are teaching them at home, and to teach material from a biblical perspective such that it brings honor and glory to God. We sincerely hope that you will become a full participant in this ministry, and that the Lord blesses you and your family with students who are prepared to undertake their civic duties and responsibilities with Christian values for the rest of their lives.

Free pregnancy counseling, pregnancy tests, post abortion counseling, adoption services, and parenting classes.